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Wu Zetian mi shi / Wu Zetian Secret History / 武则天秘史

Wu Zetian mi shi / Wu Zetian Secret History / 武则天秘史

Actors:Winton Chao / Jiming Chen / Gillian Chung / Chong Ding / Qiming Guo / Gaofeng Hu / Linjing Jiang / Lei Lei / Na Li / Tingzhe Li / Changde Liu / Peiqi Liu / Xiaoqing Liu / Xiaojuan Lu / Hailu Qin /

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Year:2011 Updated:2015-08-12 11:19:37 

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Story about: Wu Zetian mi shi / Wu Zetian Secret History / 武则天秘史
    Chinese TV < Wu Zetian mi shi / Wu Zetian Secret History / 武则天秘史 >
    Stars:Winton Chao / Jiming Chen / Gillian Chung / Chong Ding / Qiming Guo / Gaofeng Hu / Linjing Jiang / Lei Lei / Na Li / Tingzhe Li / Changde Liu / Peiqi Liu / Xiaoqing Liu / Xiaojuan Lu / Hailu Qin /

    Wu Zetian Secret History of the online viewing, Empress Wu The Secret History of the complete works of Wu Zetian Secret History Synopsis: Yong Chun 2002 (683) of King Gojong's death, in the cases of Li Xian ascended the throne, the Empress Dowager Vu Thi. The first year of heir St. (684) waste Linning Luling Wang, Li Li Dan for the Emperor. Empress Wu Lin Chao said the system, from Wu Zetian beginning truly arbitrary Asatsuna of the era. In September, the grandson Xu Jingye (Li Ji) in Yangzhou convergence 100,000 troops launched a rebellion against Empress Wu, Wu Zetian sent three hundred thousand troops quickly put down the rebellion; At the same time the Empress Wu Zhu Sha Gu Ming Minister of PEI go far, basic cleaning toward the opposition; She also designed to force the anti-Li Tang imperial clan, took the opportunity to slaughter; cleaning became the emperor of obstacles. Chuigong March 2002 (686 years) in order to combat the potential dissatisfaction of the people on the Empress Wu, Empress Wu beginning to praise the informant, appointment Ruthless. In the fight against the opposition at the same time, Wu Zetian also made good fortune, built the hall and found a woman became the emperor, according to Buddhist scriptures "in the cloud by, people talking about their own became the emperor. Chuigong four years (688) May 18, Wu Empress add appellation "Trappist Huang, proclaimed himself emperor groping to a step. Set out early the first year (690), Empress Wu waste Ruizong, claiming to be emperor of the Holy Spirit, changing the country for weeks, given Luoyang God, known as "Wu Zhou. Empress Wu to 67 years old monarchs of the sky, becoming the only female emperor in Chinese history ... [the stars different version of Wu Zetian PK] Pan Ying Zi, Wu Zetian became numerous actress interested in provocative roles, from Fung, Liu Xiaoqing ( microblogging), Gua Ah-lei, the recent Alyssa Chia, Carina Lau, and so on, everyone wants to be back to the Empress. Recently, the drama "Empress Wu, The Secret History of filming, the re-interpretation of the Queen's life again. In order to shoot the innovative, on-chip invited 3 Yin Tao, Liu Xiaoqing and Siqin actress Wu resolved played by different age segments. Empress Wu the shape of this role is even more heroic, more close to the Ladies of the Tang Dynasty, wrapped chest, "flying bun" the use of hair accessories, making the characters more antique. Yin Tao, PK Fung slightly significant old] in 1984, was a famous film star in Hong Kong in the early 30s Feng baby, starred in the Hong Kong version of "Wu Zetian". From Wu Zetian of their youth and continue till its accession to the throne, a considerable age span. However, the baby version of Feng Wu Zetian the deepest impression of her beauty, charming, pleasant, bright eyes circulation, especially the period of drum dance and fun. Yin Tao want to provocation the Feng baby's charming, but the same age early 30s, Yin Tao self pressure great. Yin Tao painted peach makeup, the amount of side hung his two small hair, wearing a pink Tee Dress swing, is also regarded as "simply happy", but Feng baby's born LORI Yan Yin Tao Some significant age. Liu PK, Pan Ying-purple background is greater] "Royal Sister spokesperson," Liu has twice starred Empress Wu. Receiving the reporter's interview, Liu Xiaoqing this role with confidence, she felt at home and first-tier actress which only she can perform Empress Wu who roll the dice. From a modeling point of view, Liu this time, Wu Zetian start directly from the middle-aged, so the makeup does not need to do too much "significant tender processing, clothing, more solemn. However, Liu plays "Wu Zetian", leaving the topic of Zhuangnen. Similar and that Pan Ying purple. Pan Ying-purple 40-year-old "old age" juvenile Wu Mei Niang interpreted innocent, clever, cute, emerge out of the girl attitude. Accession to the throne, Pan Ying Zi almond eyes wide open, in turn Queen's speech Debu anger from Granville, deportment full of classic. [The Siqin PK Gua Ah-lei win extravagance] of Siqin starred 63-year-old is mature in power after Empress Wu. A woman is happiest when with her husband and children around the lives and living and enjoy their grandchildren. "Reporters visit the set, the old Empress Wu and the Colony not sit drinking, Siqin sad to say such lines, the interpretation of right behind alone. 1999, Gua Ah-lei has starred Empress Wu in the "Palace of Desire, on the basis of old age after the scenes, and Siqin strong Gua Ah-lei gentle and interpretation of the very humanity of Empress Wu, soft in the band just.

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