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Love circular / 恋爱通告

Love circular / 恋爱通告

Actors:Zeng Yi Wang Lee Hom / the the Yifei / Handian / Qiao Zhenyu the / Xie Park / Joan Chen the / Xie Na /

Category:Love Director:Unknown

Year:2010 Updated:2012-04-24 16:54:22 

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Story about: Love circular / 恋爱通告
    Love movie < Love circular / 恋爱通告 >
    Stars:Zeng Yi Wang Lee Hom / the the Yifei / Handian / Qiao Zhenyu the / Xie Park / Joan Chen the / Xie Na /
    Storyline:Well-known star of Duming Han (Wang Lee Hom ornaments) advanced the cause of life appears to be well freehand, but his heart occasionally will always feel empty regret. Until once, Du Minghan nanny car accident hit the female students of the Department of Music Song Xiaoqing (Liu Yifei ornaments), Song Xiaoqing not first check the wound, but bounce a zither, playing music is his illusion to a butterfly fluttering cause the Du Minghan curiosity, so he decided to keep friend and Orchestra partners of Asia's leading guitarist of Wei Zhibai (Handian decorated) with sneak into the campus, to explore Song Xiaoqing "overtones". In order to change the star image in order to sneak into the campus they found Guo master (Xie Na ornaments) to design a subversive shape, Guo master design a lot of incredible shape, and finally they selected "Brother Sharp" shape to sneak into the campus Duming Han not only to sneak into the campus have successfully been through the agent (Joan Chen ornaments) that hurdle, in order to have enough time on campus, he lied to Joan said Tuesday the disease need to rest some time in the hospital surgery, so the campus life . Lurking in the Shanghai East China Folk Music Department of the side of Song Xiaoqing Du Minghan picked up the erhu change Ming Ade nail Africans, Weizhi Bo picked up the in Nguyen, To Song Xiaoqing Duming Han Wei Zhibo, school performance and learning the dulcimer's Tao Li (Yi can be decorated) a four string orchestra, in this period Duming Han learned that Song Xiaoqing like the genius of the Folk Music Department of Mu (Qiao Zhenyu ornaments), and Song Xiaoqing want to be able to play to the work of Mu where, Duming Han went to request the Mu where the composer. But do not smooth things a little, last Xiaoqing in the cafeteria to pick out is you want the song Mu who immediately agreed to, some students in concert discussion Du Minghan will have to say going to see at this time canteen, Mu where to hear disdain Gu said: "Du Minghan such stars do not know how to sing." Du Minghan hear very angry. Expected by the school debate but the identity and relationship put air pressure down, I did not expect the Mu where to get the Du Minghan concert tickets, so Duming Han students in the concert when all of a sudden, all of a sudden star, double identity Du Minghan head spin . Song Zhuren (Xie garden ornaments) said after the concert folk music department because fewer students will be turned off next year to become a thing of the past, Du Minghan his mouth, If you go to do their own publicity whether to save all surprised but Duming Han does not make sense to answer skeptical of ignorant passed, this Joan sister found something wrong, to find after the concert will be a Weizhi Bo Wei uncertain terms, of Joan sister help Du Minghan to handle the withdrawal procedures that Adelaide is Duming Han Song Zhuren handle the withdrawal procedures, he was surprised so ran home to tell his daughter Song Xiaoqing. This makes the Song Xiaoqing Du Minghan impressed do not believe it, but she personally confirmed by in Duming Han's autograph when she was very sad, Folk Music Department of the publicity Duming Han want to fly to Shanghai, and allow the car to travel at this time Joan sister to school rather than the airport, Du Minghan through hardships arrived at the scene played and sang the song lyrics Song Xiaoqing Song Xiaoqing feeling of days in the rain (listen the first time Duming Han Song Xiaoqing zheng see butterflies phantom echoes) they perfect interpretation of the Boya and the child of these two figures, the song the end of the Song Xiaoqing hugged the Duming Han. The lovers get married, the last two lingering kiss in the sea do the happy ending.
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