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The ninth widow / 第九个寡妇

The ninth widow / 第九个寡妇

Actors:Michelle Ye / Liu Peiqi / Lee East / Wu Hong /

Category:Chinese Director:Huang Jianxun /

Year:2012 Updated:2014-01-19 16:07:48 

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Story about: The ninth widow / 第九个寡妇
    Chinese TV < The ninth widow / 第九个寡妇 >
    Director:Huang Jianxun /
    Stars:Michelle Ye / Liu Peiqi / Lee East / Wu Hong /

    Over the centuries twenty to forty time as the background, tells the story of the Central Plains region legend widow " King grape " and feel they are in the face of war, natural disasters, man-made disasters reflects the bend but don't break national vitality. The king, grape and sun with love and lovers, and childhood sweetheart Sun Shaoyong in love, and Li Xiumei 's widow, rice between sisters, formed the legendary widow grief at separation and joy in union life.

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