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Kepong Gangster / 甲洞

Kepong Gangster / 甲洞

Actors:Liangyu Xu / Melvin / Linda /

Category:Story Director:Yiteng Ma /

Year:2012 Updated:2012-11-04 20:51:45 

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Story about: Kepong Gangster / 甲洞
    Story movie < Kepong Gangster / 甲洞 >
    Director:Yiteng Ma /
    Stars:Liangyu Xu / Melvin / Linda /
    Storyline:"KEPONG", a famous local Chinese gang/gangster (Five Tigers) neighbourhood, is a story about five young men (Malaysian actors Melvin Sia, Henley Hii, Hero Tai, Rayz Lim and Billy Ng) whom are best friends that join a gangster and then faces the reality of gangster life with financial problem, drugs, power and so on, ending up breaking their friendship and bad consequences.
    Although the theme of the film mainly focus on the story of the gangster, however, it still indirectly convey a positive message to the teenage, to highlight to them not to involve in any such activities which might ruin their bright future.
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