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Friendly Fire (Chinese) / 法网狙击国语版

Friendly Fire (Chinese) / 法网狙击国语版

Actors:Michael Tse / Tavia Yeung / Ruan Zhaoxiang / Chen Wei / Sen Mei / Sharon Chan / Shiu Hung Hui / Lv Shan / Jia Xiaochen / Oscar Leung /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2012 Updated:2017-01-03 21:30:42 

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Story about: Friendly Fire (Chinese) / 法网狙击国语版
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Friendly Fire (Chinese) / 法网狙击国语版 >
    Stars:Michael Tse / Tavia Yeung / Ruan Zhaoxiang / Chen Wei / Sen Mei / Sharon Chan / Shiu Hung Hui / Lv Shan / Jia Xiaochen / Oscar Leung /
    Storyline:So Zuzan (Michael Tse decoration ) is a capable lawyer, in the legal sector quite famous, he looked unruly, in fact, one-girl. Zuzan has a brother wave (Sen Mei decoration ), is a brave impulse homicide CID, helpfulness, two people like one's own brother.
    Zuzan to a case of murder case for the defence counsel, Kuang blue (Tavia Yeung decoration ) on the prosecutor, two people in the courtyard houses, in court and in hand lunch, they are a pair of couples living. It is a bright and frank, to work with dedication of prosecutors, because of work and Zuzan know, two people are each other's talent and personality to attract each other, eventually develop into a cohabiting couples. Zuzan finds it is his life destiny "female", has proposed idea, person to the sky to marry him, but a misunderstanding finally makes two people end up breaking up.
    Zuzan outside judge prosecutor form joined the Department of justice, and the sky the same workplace, two size of a pair of vindictive enemy. Zuzan for three years ago an unsolved case verdict, and blue frequent conflicts, the relationship between the two worse. Then a beautiful secretary to Shuangyue (Grace Wong decoration ), take the initiative to pursue Zuzan, Zuzan also don't want to tangle with past relationships, double Yuet start a new romance. It also initially thought that free and easy, but watching two people be on terms of intimacy, but unconsciously jealous. At the same time, in the sky blue body changes, make the idea change, silently behind fix Zuzan and double yuet ... ...
    The mutual rubbing one spark
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