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Ripples of Desire / 花漾

Ripples of Desire / 花漾

Actors:Michelle Chen / Ivy Chen / Jerry Yan / Joseph Cheng / Simon Yam / Sandra Ng / Mao Zijun / Li Xiaoran /

Category:Action Director:Unknown

Year:2012 Updated:2014-11-15 19:20:08 

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Story about: Ripples of Desire / 花漾
    Action movie < Ripples of Desire / 花漾 >
    Stars:Michelle Chen / Ivy Chen / Jerry Yan / Joseph Cheng / Simon Yam / Sandra Ng / Mao Zijun / Li Xiaoran /

    More than 300 years ago, the southeast coastal a generation convict "Exile Island", the residents on the island in addition to legitimate business and also do the pirates, to compete with the government and various threats, officials of pirate chuck (Simon Yam decorated) with high position and handsome salary as bait to amnesty, Hayes rebuffed. The island colored people contacts, a bright street is to risk wandering men lead a gentle; "Zhongyuan Festival", the island is the annual event. In the ghost festival, most attract sb.'s attention to comfort the dead song "geisha offerings.". Flower, the procuress Yue Niang (Sandra Ng decoration), training a twin geisha temperament: snow (Michelle Chen decoration) and small cream (Ivy Chen), with "flower double with" red and blue. The two sisters but for outsiders do not know the secret at the cost of manufacturing a homicide case! Yue Niang let light snow to frame the musician (Joseph Cheng decoration), but the snow by love he would rather sacrifice their own guardian of love; small cream has a good friend pirate scar (Jerry Yan ornaments), but also deal with the rich merchants son Li Ershao (Mao Zijun decoration). Li Ershao in the little cream and original Zhen Fu (Li Xiaoran decoration) between shilly-shally, inadvertently he participated in by the erotic and money small cream designed luxury.

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