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On Call 36 hours II / On Call 36小時II / OnCall36小时2(粤语)

On Call 36 hours II / On Call 36小時II / OnCall36小时2(粤语)

Actors:Kenneth Ma / Lawrence Ng / Tavia Yeung /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2013 Updated:2017-01-03 21:20:14 

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Story about: On Call 36 hours II / On Call 36小時II / OnCall36小时2(粤语)
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < On Call 36 hours II / On Call 36小時II / OnCall36小时2(粤语) >
    Stars:Kenneth Ma / Lawrence Ng / Tavia Yeung /

    On Call 36 hours of Cantonese version undertaking on the set, the master through the baptism of time, life experience, will face new jobs, new challenges. The doctor although the job is busy, responsibility is major, but it is also of great significance, great satisfaction over for them, it can experience the value of life significance from. But a doctor to help the patient at the same time, whether they know how to save themselves? In the face of difficulties, how can suddenly face? How to do a step back, as boundless as the sea and sky? This is the doctor and the patient also need to learn things. Yang Peicong (Him Law decoration), Miyuki (Huang Zhiwen decoration), just from the graduate students, interns work officially started the real guns and bullets. Each was in the intern Department of Neurosurgery, can not help the departments in Zhang Yijian (Kenneth Ma decoration) the doctor in awe, because of their work very seriously, be strict in one's demands personality under the hospital called "a head". He in order to realize the feet paralyzed brother Kang (Wei Quhao ornaments) to study in the United States wish, have been working so hard to save money, to keep from talking about personal feelings. Until the emergence of Fan Ziyu (Tavia Yeung decoration), she is not only a health teacher's daughter, and was filled with passion for medicine, for a health from admiration to love. For a healthy avoidance, she will take the initiative, even after a Kang accident died, to comfort and encourage a healthy heart, to regain the doctor's beliefs. Just as everything turn for the better, the son was detected in astrocytoma spinal cord tumor, a health see light suddenly feeling......

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