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Hun Yin Bing Li / 向着幸福前进 / 婚姻病例

Hun Yin Bing Li / 向着幸福前进 / 婚姻病例

Actors:Nicky Wu / Tang Yuhong / Wang Xin /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2015 Updated:2017-06-01 00:36:57 

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Story about: Hun Yin Bing Li / 向着幸福前进 / 婚姻病例
    Chinese TV < Hun Yin Bing Li / 向着幸福前进 / 婚姻病例 >
    Stars:Nicky Wu / Tang Yuhong / Wang Xin /

    Because of her husband's ex-wife with her son to make the wedding, runaway bride Han mood led to the accident was sent to the hospital, the rescue as a fertility doctor husband Yan Peiqing found that his wife was pregnant wife not only, also having one ovary malignant tumor, Pei Qing tearful personally for his wife to do operation, removal of malignant ovarian and good intentions wife to conceal the truth. Han collapse in the lost child in reality, imperceptibly in depression. But her husband's ex-wife and quirks and caused a lot of misunderstanding, make Han suspect on marriage and her husband, and made a lot of amazing things. His wife's suspicion, ex-wife of harassment, son of supplication, plus the mother's intervention to Pei Qing heart gaunt, but as a husband, son, father, but as a man he was carrying the responsibility for each of his life are very important woman - the mother and son and his ex-wife and his wife paid his heart, also as a doctor, he is trying to protect his wife and family, and finally let the people he loved to put aside their differences and mutual understanding, smiling towards a new life.

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