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Ye Shi Ren Sheng / 都市人生 / 夜市人生

Ye Shi Ren Sheng / 都市人生 / 夜市人生

Actors:Chen Meifeng / Morni Chang / Ni Qimin / Jason Wang / Fang Xin /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2009 Updated:2014-01-05 13:38:54 

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Story about: Ye Shi Ren Sheng / 都市人生 / 夜市人生
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Ye Shi Ren Sheng / 都市人生 / 夜市人生 >
    Stars:Chen Meifeng / Morni Chang / Ni Qimin / Jason Wang / Fang Xin /

    from trafficking drugs bowl of soup at the night market vendors Asya ups and downs of life, the story of

    "Night Market Life began to expand; play ‘ Asya ’ played by Chen Mei-feng, independent child-rearing Wang Shi abandoned by her husband Xiao mainland Yin, Liao Miriam grew up with the ROCKETS will develop another section of the emotional entanglements of handsome appearance character ROCKETS: ‘ left China, as from the middle of the day, have not done for the first five years television drama, and now back to the embrace of FTV, very worried that the Taiwanese will be some rotation. ’ while Jiangzu Ping will also be a reversal of the "home" to grab the role of the bad woman's husband to make a pair Shenxianjuanlv with Wang Shi Xian, and bold personality Jiangzu Ping came to power round the Wang Shi Xian said: ‘ This is my man! ’ No wonder Wang Shi Xian mention Jiang Zuping would say: ‘ kill great! ’
    However, rare to see Wang Shi Xian, of course, good to ask him for prime people ‘ Huici ’ What do you think? Notice a lot of Huici, after all, recently, as long as there is a chance Wang Shi Xian confession in the program, so at home when the wet nurse Wang Shi Xian exposure is high. But in fact, Wang Shi Xian never seen the mad pursuit, the reporter quickly brought the newspaper only to him, I saw his face smile, said: ‘ Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. ’ the side of Chen Mei-feng, first praising that the ‘ son ’ really very popular, then school starting Huici signs ‘ Oh my god! ’ refers to with the Lotus, and the atmosphere super funny. I did not expect everyone respected ‘ America Xifeng ’ could be so relaxed, and very concerned about the recent epidemic.
    The Jiang Zuping also broke the news side of the Huici former boyfriend had acted in "love" of the guards, so she had the cast of "love" over here to visit the set of Huici; when she saw Huici tiptoe walk, the way, I thought she is evil, and later learned that she is such a person. Jiangzu Ping said was Huici hand carrying a transparent plastic bag, side put their own recording of the album, the other side is the curriculum vitae.

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