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Datang women, Fan Lihua  / 大唐女将樊梨花

Datang women, Fan Lihua / 大唐女将樊梨花

Actors:Qin Lan / Ye Xiang / TAE and / Liu Kaiwei / Wang Yan Su / Fang Anna /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2011 Updated:2012-04-24 16:43:14 

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Story about: Datang women, Fan Lihua / 大唐女将樊梨花
    Chinese TV < Datang women, Fan Lihua / 大唐女将樊梨花 >
    Stars:Qin Lan / Ye Xiang / TAE and / Liu Kaiwei / Wang Yan Su / Fang Anna /
    Storyline:Tang Dynasty years , Su Feng and his son anti- Tang , Xue Rengui was ordered to levy destroy , war drama halfway Xue Dingshan chance encounter came to the battlefield , then the father and son work together to defeat the enemy , on the other side , Fan Lihua, a bargain, to win the lost horses , are at this time , eight Star Alliance beads vision appears , the presence of the crowd both vision made a coma on the ground , Fan Lihua Xue Dingshan , Young Phan into a mysterious dream in a coma , from a period of love and hate intertwined , thus giving rise to the confusion of Sushi marriage .

    For the pursuit of dreams , Fan Lihua Xue Dingshan struggling entangled , Xue Dingshan already fiancee Chen Jin set , Yang Fan Fan Lihua, it was love at first sight , so the destruction everywhere Fan Lihua and Xue Dingshan , twists and turns , Xue Dingshan Fan Lihua fool has finally been touched by they married . Venerable received the green face and make disciples , Young Phan know they are Li Jiancheng , in order to regain the throne , would give up everything .

    Emperor ordered Xueding Shan Fan Lihua command for Zheng Xi , General , vowing the usurper Young Phan justice , Young Phan set Zhu Xian array to meet the enemy , the couple at a disadvantage , Fan Lihua, battled , can affect the fetal gas , forced sounding birth to a child , precarious time, they found the newborn Liner actually predicted by Wang Ao ancestors Tiangang Xing prop up the world, just restraint Zhu Xian array , results, fan defeat .

    Bring disaster subsided, Xue Dingshan closures , hereditary Ping Liao Wang , Fan Lihua, have been canonized as the Great Patriotic Lady
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