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Story about《超人前传第九季》
    2009 Year European American TV < 超人前传第九季 >
    Director:KevinFair /
    Stars:汤姆·威灵 / 布莱恩·奥斯汀·格林 / 卡鲁姆·布鲁 / 艾莉森·麦克 / 埃莉卡·杜兰斯 / 贾斯汀·哈特雷 / 卡西迪·弗里曼 /
    Storyline:汤姆续约两年,出现大反派ZOD,克拉克被疑似会导致世界毁灭?面对CHLOE的质问,克拉克面对人性的抉择。   Arther last seasons doomsday season finale jimmy Olson and Davis bloom both departed from the show. Smallville had disappointed most people with a 10 second fight with doomsday and Clark. If you dont know Smallville has moved to Fridays. lets hope its moved back to Thursdays or this show will have rating problems.the seaso...
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