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Chemistry / 欲情 第一季

Chemistry / 欲情 第一季

Actors:Jonathan Chase / Ana Alexander / Ragan Brooks / Jeremy Kent Jackson / Sally Kellerman / Chad Everett / Asante Jones / Eric Pierpoint / Augie Duke / Angel McCord / Kristen Howe / Jessica Clark /

Category:European American Director:Richard Christian /

Year:2011 Updated:2013-12-20 10:22:18 

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Story about: Chemistry / 欲情 第一季
    European American TV < Chemistry / 欲情 第一季 >
    Director:Richard Christian /
    Stars:Jonathan Chase / Ana Alexander / Ragan Brooks / Jeremy Kent Jackson / Sally Kellerman / Chad Everett / Asante Jones / Eric Pierpoint / Augie Duke / Angel McCord / Kristen Howe / Jessica Clark /
    Storyline:If you like Cinemax "femme fatale" (Femme Fatales) , then you might like Cinemax's new drama "For Love" (Chemistry). As the title suggests, the play describes the desire will lead to a passion, and passion is bound to allow the the Eros flame burning
    Hero Liz and Michael is a pair of opposite character. Liz is a **, pungent style of more wild than men **; and Michael is a lawyer, cautious, and received higher education. Liz must rely on their own efforts to kill to open a way to survive in the poor security situation in the streets of Los Angeles; and Michael had just engaged with the boss's daughter, will thrive. In a car accident, Liz and Michael met. As the car of bike burst into flames, Liz and Michael's passion is the rapid explosion. They do not know each other, why is there such a strong chemical reaction, like a curse, like people unable to extricate themselves. When their relationship by a simple one-night stand to rise to a comprehensive lovers all around them will change - family, friends, loved ones ... they want to how to deal with it?
    Play every Friday late-night broadcast.
    The relationships:
    Ana Alexander, ornaments of Liz
    Sexy policewoman, Michael from the car burst into flames rescued, their relationship began tangled. Liz think she and Michael's relationship is "true love", they should have the "future".
    Jonathan Chase, ornaments Michael
    Cautious lawyer, quit any derailment of things, until he meets the beautiful and sexy policewoman of Liz. Michael did not want to give up his fiancee Jocelyn bring his sense of security and a stable future, but do not want to give up the kind of passion together with Liz.
    Ragan Brooks, ornaments, Jocelyn Delacorte
    Michael's fiancee, company executives Arthur's daughter. Everyone agrees that Michael and Jocelyn is a matched pair, but Jocelyn and singer Casey ran.
    Chad Everett, decorated Vic
    Michael's father, do not know the knot over the number of times married life. He recently engaged and young and beautiful Chantal. Michael often ask him the proposal of life.
    Sally Kellerman, decorated with the Lola
    Liz's neighbor, a romantic woman, sex, special interest.
    Asante, Jones, decorated Preston,
    Liz's police partner, and would like to become a writer. Preston always protected at the critical moment of Liz, do not want to derail too far.
    Eric Pierpoint decorated, Arthur
    One of the founders of a well-known law firm, Michael's boss of the prospective father-in-law. He is withdrawn, unsmiling. But when his daughter Jocelyn rejection of a future son-in-law Michael, still feel that they should be part of the responsibility.
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