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Wild Pigeons / 野鸽子

Wild Pigeons / 野鸽子

Actors:Dong Weijia / Mao Yi / Zheng Qi / Li Yuan /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2012 Updated:2013-04-08 09:23:41 

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Story about: Wild Pigeons / 野鸽子
    Chinese TV < Wild Pigeons / 野鸽子 >
    Stars:Dong Weijia / Mao Yi / Zheng Qi / Li Yuan /
    Storyline:Shen long in North Sichuan poverty of the family, to the days of the famine, in order to pursue the happiness of life the future, her persistent unremitting efforts, which caused her uninhibited and demanding the new things perfect, which for her in a local model circles for "wild dove". And while Shen Yifan for his goal, encounter substantial travel, but this time around is also Shen Yifan's frank and sincere to attract, hence so jobless people close to her. In order to achieve the purpose, hired by nature, character and honest lidahai obdurate in his game. Li Dahai was a strange combination of circumstances to friends around the game invite, but with Shen Yifan in a false thing becomes true. The increasing exchanges, emotional. Shen Yifan and Li Dahai found around the game, and John Lee sea. Shen Yifan injured, Li Dahai with their perseverance let her know what is true love. At this time, Li Dahai was a sudden illness, has realized the significance of true love never abandon in turn to take care of Shen Yifan, lidahai.
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