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Painted Skin: The Resurrection / Painted Skin Ⅱ / 画皮2

Painted Skin: The Resurrection / Painted Skin Ⅱ / 画皮2

Actors:Zhao Wei / Zhou Xun Chen Kun / Feng Shao Feng / Yang Mi / Fei Chen Tingjia /

Category:Horror Director:Wuerhan /

Year:2012 Updated:2014-10-01 04:40:19 

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Story about: Painted Skin: The Resurrection / Painted Skin Ⅱ / 画皮2
    Horror movie < Painted Skin: The Resurrection / Painted Skin Ⅱ / 画皮2 >
    Director:Wuerhan /
    Stars:Zhao Wei / Zhou Xun Chen Kun / Feng Shao Feng / Yang Mi / Fei Chen Tingjia /

    An ancient fox spirit embarks on a diabolical quest to become human after escaping an icy prison, and becomes bound to a disfigured princess who seeks the love of a noble guard as her kingdom crumbles in this lavish supernatural epic. Confined to a frozen cell for centuries, malevolent fox spirit Xiaowei (Xun Zhou) regain her freedom and seeks to preserve her beauty by seducing men and conuming their hearts. Should a man offer her his heart willingly, Xiaowei will become mortal, breaking free of the underworld and experiencing living among the living. Meanwhile, as a dark cloud falls over her kingdom, Princess Jing (Wei Zhao) flees, hiding her deep facial scar under a mask of pure gold while seeking the love of her former protector, who remain haunted by his failure to save her year prior. When destiny brings Xiaowei and Princess Jing together, the battle for the princess' heart begin.

    Fox Xiao Wei ( played by Zhou Xun ) to save people in violation of the rules of the demon world , been frozen in the ice hell spent five hundred years, painful . In front of the fate , fled through the ice of a small CD only two choices : either the Ice Hell tongue caught back , or get a " take the initiative and dedication," the hearts and minds of real adults. Small only four to find the target, until the occasional fleeing forced marriages due to an accident disfigured Jing Princess ( Vicki Zhao ornaments ) . Xiao Wei soon discovered , the princess with a unique heart , to become the ideal all pinned on the body of the princess .The princess appeared the Baicheng so that once childhood is extremely negative feelings of guilt Huo heart ( Chen Kun ornaments ) surprised . Face of the princess, he can not accept the princess fleeing forced marriages and is ready to run away and his sudden reality . Xiao Wei found Jing Princess and the Fok Heart delicate mental state, to conform to the birth of her plans . Her to the princess Jing instill the love of men to women is only the love of the lust , this implies that the princess looks ugly Huo heart can not accept the sole cause of the princess love , and at confused with Yaofa Huo heart , when she dressed skin temptation Huo Xin Xiao Wei , and the initial experience of pleasure of the flesh , she began to believe that the power of the beautiful Xiao Wei said .Sirius States step by step approach intended to marriage by capture , the Huo heart trying to resistance alone to die redemption love . Critical moment , but was Jing rescue the princess , all this stimulation of the heart Huo . He understands what love is, the name of love , even if it is to die together , this is the true meaning of love .Farewell of death dramatically changed the attitude towards life of two women , Xiao Wei relationship with the princess from the lure , coercion, go to the conspiracy , Huo heart learned that the two -for- leather for heart truth 'm blind , but trying to his heart in exchange for the heart of the princess . Princess is the determination to die of love , and the fighting courage of the the Huo heart is really , Xiao Wei 's efforts to make every effort to change the fate of the solar eclipse of the moment the final wonders ...

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