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Love the honey side / 爱的蜜方

Love the honey side / 爱的蜜方

Actors:Lee Da Hae / Zheng Yuan Chang the / Li Yi peak / Fang Anna /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2012 Updated:2012-08-27 13:11:28 

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Story about: Love the honey side / 爱的蜜方
    Chinese TV < Love the honey side / 爱的蜜方 >
    Stars:Lee Da Hae / Zheng Yuan Chang the / Li Yi peak / Fang Anna /
    Storyline:The drama about the : wage Queen of gourmet gift small summer with a young nephew of the sun to each other . An accident , the real estate agent Chen Haojie mistakes small summer head tenant to deceive end up homeless, desperate occasion of summer home of temporary accommodation had to follow Hao Jie learned that Walter Chan Kar- famous watering . Be mistaken for Hao Jie 's girlfriend accidentally small and medium-sized summer , the endless stream of flaws caused by Walter Chan Kar- two sub- Hao peak suspected Chen parent and cousin Li Yang is quite a good impression on a small summer , and soon the small summer identity was exposed , not only have not been out of the Chen family, but also Chen parent Chin cooking successors . Different personalities Hao peak and summer is always the potential such as fire and water , contradictory, almost twists and turns , the two quarrelsome lovers closer and closer , only to be small Hui Hao peak ex-girlfriend get in the way , creating a misunderstanding , standing Yang's mother Wang Manli missing for years suddenly appear and make all the tricks in order to win the Walter Chan property . Small summer adhere to and inspired by the Chen family up and down and finally against all odds turned the corner , small summer and Hao peak , eventually lovers to get married .
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