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Wise empty / 聪明小空空

Wise empty / 聪明小空空

Actors:Pan Changjiang / Li Danyang / Ningze Tim / Zheng special / Bao Guoan /

Category:Chinese Director:Du Xiao /

Year:2012 Updated:2012-08-18 23:52:07 

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Story about: Wise empty / 聪明小空空
    Chinese TV < Wise empty / 聪明小空空 >
    Director:Du Xiao /
    Stars:Pan Changjiang / Li Danyang / Ningze Tim / Zheng special / Bao Guoan /
    Storyline: drama " smart empty " during the preparatory work , the play consists of 12 folk tales about a clever young monk empty with a few fellow with , and rely on their own ingenuity , and a variety of evil forces the story of the struggle . The story is humorous, jokes abound very suitable for young viewers . CCTV eight sets of very optimistic about the play , and is tentatively scheduled for broadcast on the focus of this summer file plays
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