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Ku Xinlian / 苦心莲

Ku Xinlian / 苦心莲

Actors:xiao da lu / Tarcy Su / Lu Zhi / Tang Ruyun / Mei fang /

Category:Chinese Director:Lin Fudi /

Year:1984 Updated:2013-05-06 22:58:35 

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Story about: Ku Xinlian / 苦心莲
    Chinese TV < Ku Xinlian / 苦心莲 >
    Director:Lin Fudi /
    Stars:xiao da lu / Tarcy Su / Lu Zhi / Tang Ruyun / Mei fang /
    Storyline:Is about living in Taiwan four River Mountain, girl called ancient lotus, because the childhood days is very bitter, so called " Lotus " the good, the harvest is not good because of home, when she was 8 years old when working out. As a child, her ambition is very strong, grow up to do business, let Grandma, mom and Dad, my brother and sister to live a good life.
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