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Revenge Season 2 / Destiny / 复仇第二季 / 报仇雪恨 第二季/复仇 第二季

Revenge Season 2 / Destiny / 复仇第二季 / 报仇雪恨 第二季/复仇 第二季

Actors:Emily VanCamp / Gabriel Mann / Henry Czerny / Ashley Madekwe / Nick Wechsler / Joshua Bowman / Connor Paolo / Christa B. Allen / Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa / Alyvia Alyn Lind / Barry Sloane / James Morrison / Todd Grinnell / Margarita Levieva / Madeleine Stowe /

Category:European American Director:Kenneth Fink /

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Story about: Revenge Season 2 / Destiny / 复仇第二季 / 报仇雪恨 第二季/复仇 第二季
    European American TV < Revenge Season 2 / Destiny / 复仇第二季 / 报仇雪恨 第二季/复仇 第二季 >
    Director:Kenneth Fink /
    Stars:Emily VanCamp / Gabriel Mann / Henry Czerny / Ashley Madekwe / Nick Wechsler / Joshua Bowman / Connor Paolo / Christa B. Allen / Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa / Alyvia Alyn Lind / Barry Sloane / James Morrison / Todd Grinnell / Margarita Levieva / Madeleine Stowe /

    A scuba diver is searching the hull of the sunken sailing craft Amanda, which he reports "wasn't an accident." He finds a gold compass, then a body.

    Oshima Island, Japan, three months earlier:

    Emily is going through some kind of training ritual in the ocean as her martial arts mentor Satoshi Takeda (now played by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) and another man, an Occidental, look on. She is tied to a pier piling as the water level rises and the men talk about her fear being a problem.

    Ashley comes to comfort Daniel, who is staring at a painting of Victoria, saying it will be tough to get used to her not being there.

    Jack and Declan on the Amanda, with Jack looking at the small gold compass. A very pregnant Amanda comes down the lower level of the boat. Jack's not doing very well emotionally and Amanda is concerned.

    Daniel's sister Charlotte/"Charlie" is preparing to be released from a sober living facility. She's missed Victoria's funeral and is excited about attending her mother's memorial.

    The tide has risen during Emily's training and she's now under water. She flashes back to childhood and playing a game with what seems to be her mother. She then recalls her mother being sick. She's cut loose from the pier and brought to shore. She's furious that she was cut loose so close to unlocking information about her mother, but Takeda seems upset that was the reason she came to see him. Emily assures him she's going to find out what happened to her mother.

    Emily pays Nolan a visit at his gym. He asks where she's been for weeks and she says "regrouping." She says her priorities have shifted and she's headed back to the Hamptons. Nolan's sold his house and asks if he can stay with her. She turns him down. Based on her new memory, she looks up Angel of Mercy hospital. The hospital was bought and closed two days after her father was arrested.

    Jack's bar has failed inspection due to water damage and has been closed by the Health Department.

    Ashley is organizing the auction. Conrad tells Daniel he'll open up his trust fund on the condition he invest all of it (along with his inheritance) back in the family company. Daniel says that what happened to Victoria is on both of them, but Conrad doesn't care about anything but money. Daniel tell him he needs to think about it.

    Emily and Nolan break into the shuttered Angel of Mercy. She sends Nolan to the records room. She continues looking through the building and starts having more flashbacks. She remembers being taken forcibly from her ill mother. She finds the room where it happened and finds restraints on the bed. Nolan finds that a week before her father's arrest someone named Charlotte Clarke was on the visitor log. Emily thinks it must have been Victoria. Emily wonders what Victoria may have been trying to do to her mother. She looks back at footage of Victoria talking to Conrad and the white-haired man about her mother being a "liability." Nolan wonders whether Victoria could have had her mother declared insane. Emily says she needs to get close to the Graysons again. She tells Nolan he can stay with her temporarily.

    Nolan goes to see Jack, and they greet one another warmly. He mentions to Jack that Emily is back in town. He see that Amanda is very pregnant.

    Emily goes to see Charlie, who invites her to the memorial.

    Emily tells Amanda she's "on a different path now." Amanda says she isn't going anywhere. Jack comes in the room and Emily says Amanda asked her to be the baby's godmother.

    The Occidental from the Japanese training session ask Takeda for the chance to "guide her back." Takeda says if he fails the mission is over "for both of you."

    At Victoria's memorial Daniel stares at the arriving Emily, flashing back to proposing. Conrad approaches him and Daniel tells him his money is remaining in a trust. He's not going to sink with the company.

    Ashley and Emily exchange pleasantries. Daniel walks up and Emily tells him she's sorry for his loss. Emily walks away awkwardly when she sees the two of them are together as a couple.

    Amanda asks Jack what's wrong with them, saying the baby will need stability. He tells her he's moving back in and leaving the boat. Jack asks Declan if he'd move onto the boat, but that doesn't go well. Declan thinks Jack should tell Amanda he's not in love with her.

    Charlie tells Conrad she wants to sell the beach house. She okay with being bought out by Daniel if he's unwilling to sell.

    Charlie isn't thrilled that Ashley is giving the tribute at the memorial and asks to say a few words. She takes the mic and says her mother was a woman "of many contradictions and secrets," but says it took losing her to realize how much she loved her. The counselor, Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane), from the rehab facility gets word that Charlie's blood work came back positive. Charlie is furious, convinced that Conrad is behind this. She begins to make a scene, then rushes to Emily and whispers something into her ear.

    Victoria opens her door to find Emily and demands "What in the hell are you doing here?" Charlie told Emily where to find Victoria, and tells her what happened with Charlie going back to rehab. Victoria places a call to a phone Charlie had hidden in her room, but hangs up when Mathis answers. Victoria thinks Conrad is trying to get his hands on Charlie's inheritance. Victoria says the government is keeping her safe while they build a case against Conrad.

    Mathis thinks the phone must be her way of contacting her drug dealer and takes it away.

    Mathis calls Conrad. It's clear he's been bribed to fake the positive drug test in order to help Conrad gain power of attorney.

    Emily tells Nolan she wants to get a camera inside Victoria's place and wants him to do a deep background check on Mathis.

    Jack drops by to see Emily. She cautions him that Amanda could be trouble and asks him whether he's sure the baby is his.

    Emily tells Victoria that Charlie's rehab counsellor has been sued for malpractice and practiced under several names. She's also able to plant the disguised surveillance camera.

    Jack asks Amanda where she went the previous summer when she left. She realizes he's asking whether the baby is his and she says she'll make an appointment for a pre-natal paternity test.

    Ashley tries to assure Daniel his father couldn't have done what Charlie accused him of, but he's preoccupied.

    Emily and Nolan watch the hidden camera and see her meet with the white-haired man. Victoria doesn't trust Emily and instructs him to "eliminate the liability."

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