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Cold War / 寒戰 / 寒战

Cold War / 寒戰 / 寒战

Actors:Andy Lau / Byron Mann / Grace Huang / Tony Leung Ka Fai / Andy On / Aaron Kwok / Charlie Yeung / Aarif Rahman / Terence Yin / Kar Lok Chin /

Category:Action Director:Lok Man Leung / Kim-ching Luk /

Year:2012 Updated:2016-11-30 20:26:32 

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Story about: Cold War / 寒戰 / 寒战
    Action movie < Cold War / 寒戰 / 寒战 >
    Director:Lok Man Leung / Kim-ching Luk /
    Stars:Andy Lau / Byron Mann / Grace Huang / Tony Leung Ka Fai / Andy On / Aaron Kwok / Charlie Yeung / Aarif Rahman / Terence Yin / Kar Lok Chin /
    Storyline:Midnight police, reporting center received an anonymous telephone, a front line emergency vehicles is abducted. The five officers inside the car thief and weapons become bargaining chips. Event alerted police, knowing is coincidence or the result of an accident, emergency vehicles, within which the hijacked police officers, but the action Li Wenbin of deputy director general of only child ( Eddie Peng). As the number one visit did not return the next election, the top two: hawk Li Wenbin (Tony Leung decorated ): with the young sergeant Liu Jiehui ( Aaron Kwok decorated ) began to contribute. Li Liji rescue, and this operation code-named " shivering ". The thief to the police force can be unexpectedly inside everything, anticipating, the elite of all kinds, action still failed, crippled, the colleagues are began to doubt his decision, as Liu Jiehui took over the entire operation, the critical moment, two fight, Liu Jiehui weakness, different and Lee's radical approach, he chose to active and their communication, and promised to pay to the thief. The entire settlement ransom process, Liu to make ransom left clues in order to track the thief, position. Can road, breakers, Liu Fei but could not find the thief trail, also will lose a huge ransom, Liu go through fire and water with colleague Xu Yongji ( Kar Lok Chin decorated ) in the delivery process killed Liu ransom, guilt, Hongkong police into hitherto unknown danger and threat ... ... The action made Treasury lost eighty million in cash, two police officers were killed. The event not only alarmed the government interior, also alerted the ICAC, because we received anonymous reporting suspected two, deputy director, one of them at this critical juncture malpractice ... Hongkong security instantaneous fall, police force and the Hongkong air threat to governance holes, the internal force, directed at the top. Originally, Hongkong was known as " the safest city ", but did not meet the real enemy!
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