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Aikatsu! / アイカツ! / 偶像活动/偶像传说

Aikatsu! / アイカツ! / 偶像活动/偶像传说

Actors:Azusa Okamoto / Ayaka Kikuchi / Minako Kotobuki /

Category:cartoon Director:Kawamura Ryuichi /

Year:2012 Updated:2016-04-01 18:21:47 

Update status:Updates to the 77 episodeShare:

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Story about: Aikatsu! / アイカツ! / 偶像活动/偶像传说
    cartoon movie < Aikatsu! / アイカツ! / 偶像活动/偶像传说 >
    Director:Kawamura Ryuichi /
    Stars:Azusa Okamoto / Ayaka Kikuchi / Minako Kotobuki /
    Storyline:The series revolves around a girl named Ichigo Hoshimiya who, along with her best friend Aoi Kiriya, enrols in the Starlight Academy for budding idols. These idols utilise the Aikatsu system, in which idols select clothes to wear for their auditions using combinations of cards.
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