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Dances with wolves ( TV Series ) / 与狼共舞(电视剧)

Dances with wolves ( TV Series ) / 与狼共舞(电视剧)

Actors:Baoqiang Wang / Fu Chengpeng / Chengsu / Hou Mengsha /

Category:Chinese Director:Huang Wenli /

Year:2012 Updated:2012-12-18 17:09:59 

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Story about: Dances with wolves ( TV Series ) / 与狼共舞(电视剧)
    Chinese TV < Dances with wolves ( TV Series ) / 与狼共舞(电视剧) >
    Director:Huang Wenli /
    Stars:Baoqiang Wang / Fu Chengpeng / Chengsu / Hou Mengsha /

    " Dances with Wolves " to throughout the Northeast liberation, Liaoshen campaign to achieve complete victory for the beginning of the story, to my party latent in the Northeast battlefield Chen Shaojie complete the task, went to southwest, to continue their latent mission for context, a curtain signs of danger appearing everywhere, life on the line of the story follow close on succession, exciting.
    In 1945, the military 's " legendary female agents " Liang Haitang uses a covert agent, almost in one fell swoop break my party in the northeast of the underground organization. The critical moment, suddenly rushed to the joint office information secretary Chen Shaojie has captured the Communist Party killed a name, assigned half of the plan that work not completed. Liang Haitang is preparing to become shame to investigate Chen Shaojie, but because of a paper transfer order, was forced to leave the northeast, which also became her heart of a thorn.
    By the end of 1948, throughout the Northeast liberation, southwest area became the Kuomintang in the mainland last rely on base, southwest Chief Administration of south-west secret service, everyone here doing the anti-Communist Zionist dream. In order to ensure that the four provinces in Southwest China situation, overnight, all people were secretly transferred to southwest area, southwest chief agency also ushered in by the peak had a confidential secretary -- Chen Shaojie.

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