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Qin Jia / 亲家

Qin Jia / 亲家

Actors:Yang Hanqian / Luo Meixin / Wang Hao / Ma Weixin /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2015 Updated:2016-01-20 19:10:42 

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Story about: Qin Jia / 亲家
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Qin Jia / 亲家 >
    Stars:Yang Hanqian / Luo Meixin / Wang Hao / Ma Weixin /

    To "home" as the starting point of the story, the two seemingly ordinary home, will the number of moving interest derived Wei story? Everything and Wang Zhaoyi both wear the same pants up old brother, is about to marry, closer relations, see million, Wang Lianyin will bring what fun for two home her mother-in-law against? Look, how Wang Erjia brought by marriage million so-called beautiful misunderstanding? Thousands of the eldest daughter Wan Shiping, a good cook, and eager to go to Dongsheng hotel as a cook, took out master towards righteousness teaches special dishes, let the chairman Luo Kuncheng is full of surprises, but what exactly happened due to Shi Ping unsuccessful? Kunming City clearly appreciate Shi Ping craft but why not let the world Ping into the hotel? Two what misunderstanding? "Relatives" to the most easily, the most simple way, at the grass-roots little sour, sweet, bitter, hot...

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