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Shu Nv Se Nan / 熟女涩男 / 淑女涩男

Shu Nv Se Nan / 熟女涩男 / 淑女涩男

Actors:Xie Shuai / Li Zixi / Cai Die / Zhang Xiaohan / Liu Xuanrui /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2015 Updated:2015-07-22 13:51:26 

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Story about: Shu Nv Se Nan / 熟女涩男 / 淑女涩男
    Chinese TV < Shu Nv Se Nan / 熟女涩男 / 淑女涩男 >
    Stars:Xie Shuai / Li Zixi / Cai Die / Zhang Xiaohan / Liu Xuanrui /

    Yang Doudou will mother gave the money to lend friends David Lin. investment failed, to lie well, Yang Doudou rented warehouse opposite the clothing company, and and the horse cloud together set up a mobile software company. Dream of becoming a fashion designer Yu Yagang undergo after a double blow to the brokenhearted with unemployment, but unfortunately the touch of clouds of mount a horse so it geek young men, causing her to be late for the interview and failure. To find shelter, Yu Ya forced to join a small mobile phone software company as a receptionist. Finally, but willing to leave to become the backbone of here. Horse cloud one bizarre software development, several young people to listing dream struggle with, provoked a joke of a pile. Yu Ya help horse cloud to overcome the psychological barrier of first love, horse cloud also put saved Ya Yu from the depths of the family environment, gradually, the male and female friend, unknowingly fell in love with each other. Clothing company Design Director Ann sensitivity is a dating control, early on to their spouse set a very high standard, but a head planted into the arms of the sentimental boy Yang Doudou.

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