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Young Justice Bao 3  / 少年包青天3

Young Justice Bao 3 / 少年包青天3

Actors:Deng Chao / release dragons / Zhao /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2005 Updated:2012-04-24 16:16:25 

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Story about: Young Justice Bao 3 / 少年包青天3
    Chinese TV < Young Justice Bao 3 / 少年包青天3 >
    Stars:Deng Chao / release dragons / Zhao /
    Storyline: Part III Young Justice Bao a reversal of past practice , in the first six sets of cases , Bao Zheng ( Deng Chao ornaments ) will lose all memory , and become an idiot and scattered in the border town of Song , a brothel a second . A reversal of past ingenuity and a little narcissistic Bao Zheng image . Detection ability and intuition does not disappear , idiot Bao Zheng greatest joy is the bun , the greatest talent is to solve the case . However , this set of six series and one called "Heaven Mountain" . All cases to the end at the day Mans . This appears girl named Xiao Man ( Qin Li ornaments), kind of cute , she has been to protect Bao Zheng . Gong Sunce ( Zhao decoration) is changed in the past suave romantic elegant dandy image and become an unlikely solution style Daitou amusing twists and turns with the emotional drama of divination girl . In this border town , has one of the most beautiful girl called Xiao is like , we all love her . Looking for day Mans , the cure the Cai Princess of the disease , however, has been looming in the day Mans , the face of all the people all told us that the familiar is not the same as . Bao Zheng was found , it seems that a trap , regardless of amnesia , or kind of is like, or the heart is the Xiaoman ...
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