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Sashimi / 沙西米

Sashimi / 沙西米

Actors:Aaron Chen / Kurt Chou / Teresa Daley / Yui Hatano / Hsin-Hao Hsieh / Kang-sheng Lee / Takuya San / Soda Voyu /

Category:Love Director:Chih-yuan Pan /

Year:2015 Updated:2017-04-08 11:42:15 

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Story about: Sashimi / 沙西米
    Love movie < Sashimi / 沙西米 >
    Director:Chih-yuan Pan /
    Stars:Aaron Chen / Kurt Chou / Teresa Daley / Yui Hatano / Hsin-Hao Hsieh / Kang-sheng Lee / Takuya San / Soda Voyu /
    Storyline:Apr 2011. Discovering he is HIV positive, an actor (Onishi Yukiya) hangs himself as the Fukushima earthquake hits the country. His lover, AV actress Asano Natsumi (Hatano Yui), learns the news and realises she may also be HIV positive. She decides to visit an address in Yilan county, northeast Taiwan, from where she has been receiving postcards addressed to a woman called Yoshiko asking if everything is okay. The sender of the postcards is Kao Chen-ming (Li Kang-sheng), who runs a sashimi restaurant-cum-guest house on the coast and looks after Pebble (Hsieh Fei), his young son by Yoshiko. Chen-ming left Japan eight years ago after Yoshiko, whom he believes still lives in Tokyo, left him. He now sleeps with a young woman, Hsiao Min (Teresa Daley), who helps out at the restaurant. But as he tells his friend Tao (Kurt Chou), he still can't understand why Yoshiko separated from him. Along with her gay manager Tamura (Takuya Brother), Natsumi arrives at the guest house. Chen-ming mistakes her for Yoshiko and asks her why she's come; she says, because of the postcards. But she insists she is not Yoshiko, even though she looks like her, and eventually tells him she is an AV actress. When her manager returns from an unhappy local fling, Natsumi tells him she's experienced a little of what it feels like to be loved by someone. Meanwhile, Hsiao Min, unhappy over Chen-ming's obsession with Natsumi, threatens to leave. And a local AV shop owner (Hao Tzu), who supplies Chen-ming with porno videos, recognises Natsumi and pays one of his customers (Aaron Chen) to secretly video cam her.
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