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The Master / Shi Fu / 师傅 / 师父

The Master / Shi Fu / 师傅 / 师父

Actors:Darren Grosvenor / Wenli Jiang / Fan Liao / Jia Song / Vic Vinci / Yu Yang /

Category:Action Director:Haofeng Xu /

Year:2015 Updated:2017-02-15 16:09:22 

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Story about: The Master / Shi Fu / 师傅 / 师父
    Action movie < The Master / Shi Fu / 师傅 / 师父 >
    Director:Haofeng Xu /
    Stars:Darren Grosvenor / Wenli Jiang / Fan Liao / Jia Song / Vic Vinci / Yu Yang /

    In the period of the Republic of South Wing Chun successor Chen general (Liao Fan) came to Tianjin, met the Tianjin martial arts master Zheng Shanao (Jin Shijie ornaments), is based in the martial arts opened, Zheng Shanao suggested that General Chen reached the purpose of using traditional methods to teach the disciples off. After several twists and turns, General Chen married a Tianjin beautiful woman Zhao Guohui (Song Jia ornaments) for his wife, also took the local youth Geng Liangchen (Song Yang ornaments) acts on behalf of its Tiguan, husband and wife two people temporarily in the slums, prevent the enemy off to come to revenge. Chen knowledge and his wife had not seen the aggressive and aggressive Geng Liangchen, but after the contact also found that Geng Liangchen's merits. But with the eighth martial arts Zou Guanchang (Jiang Wenli ornaments) and military figures Lin Xiwen (Huang Jue ornaments) in Tianjin Wushu is faced with a great change, by his desire, Wushu renaissance's love for his wife, as well as the responsibility as the master, let Chen knowledge into a dilemma.


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