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Rakshasa Street / 镇魂街

Rakshasa Street / 镇魂街

Actors:Lu Hengyu / Li Shujie /

Category:cartoon Director:Unknown

Year:2016 Updated:2016-10-21 00:42:24 

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Story about: Rakshasa Street / 镇魂街
    cartoon movie < Rakshasa Street / 镇魂街 >
    Stars:Lu Hengyu / Li Shujie /

    "Rakshasa Street", Yaoqi original comic DreamWorks station series of juvenile fantasy comic fight blood. The following five years, the amount of reading more than one billion and one hundred million young blood station has spookiness diffuse first. This is the soul of the town street, suppress the evil spirits of the dead to absorb. This is a man of the spirit of the world, but not everyone can enter the town of soul street, only to have the guardian spirit of the sending Ling talent can enter. The bell was originally an ordinary college graduates, but a chance encounter with Cao Yanbing Cao Xuanliang to her brother, and lead her life is no longer unusual. In this world full of evil, she and her guardians to survive?

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