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Mr.Idol / Mr. 아이돌 / 偶像先生

Mr.Idol / Mr. 아이돌 / 偶像先生

Actors:Yeh-jin Park / Hyun-Woo Ji / Su-ro Kim / Won-hie Lim / Jay Park /

Category:Story Director:Hee-chan Ra /

Year:2011 Updated:2016-05-01 22:05:07 

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Story about: Mr.Idol / Mr. 아이돌 / 偶像先生
    Story movie < Mr.Idol / Mr. 아이돌 / 偶像先生 >
    Director:Hee-chan Ra /
    Stars:Yeh-jin Park / Hyun-Woo Ji / Su-ro Kim / Won-hie Lim / Jay Park /
    Storyline:It's hard being a Korean popstar! For every Gangnam Style, there are a hundred flameouts. K-Pop senation Jay Park star in this musical romp about a sassy music executive on her quest to resurrect a disgraced boy band againt all odds. (Korean with English subtitles).
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